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Deckle Edge Postcard 5" x 7", 200 GSM - Soft Olive - Dpotli

Deckle Edge Postcard 5" x 7", 200 GSM - Soft Olive

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Natural, simple, and beautiful.

This Handmade Deckle Edge 5x7 postcard is perfect for various paper projects that need that special look. You can use it in placing letter writing, invitations, thank you cards, postcards and so much more.

This paper is made from 100% cotton rags and has a deckled edge which makes each sheet unique and adds a handcrafted touch to your next paper project.

Now you can print invitations or postcards that are different from the rest.

Although the possibilities are endless (just like creativity has no end), major scopes are:

  • Hand Calligraphy:¬†Work worry-free, work seamlessly on these as we call them¬†nib friendly.
  • Painting:¬†Create masterpieces by applying paints on these envelopes, never gonna disappoint you. Watercolor Paints can work too, but we suggest using a light hand for this technique (not meant for wet on wet).
  • Letter Writing:¬†Combine the envelope with a matching postcard and there you go. Endless techniques you got. Check matching¬†envelopes here.
  • Invitations:¬†Handmade invitations which are eco-friendly invites are now definitely most of our's choice. Club with an experienced Calligraphy Artist and make each invite a personalized wedding invitation.¬†You can also ask us to print and prepare them for you. Our in-house team is perfect for the job.
  • Digital Printing:¬†These papers are printer-friendly. Works well with most commercial printers and home Inkjet printers. However, we do not guarantee of it's working on all printer types. If needed, printing can be provided from our end at additional costs. Please feel free to write to us by mail for knowing the various printing techniques available.

    Product Specifications:

    • Postcard¬†Size:¬†Approx 5x7 inches (works best with¬†5.25 x 7.25 inches postcard)
    • Finish:¬†Smooth/Coated
    • Grade:¬†Approx 200 gsm
    • Color: Soft Olive¬†(like pastel Olive shade)

    Buying Options:

    • Set of 5¬†liners/postcards/sheets
    • Set of 10¬†liners/postcards/sheets
    • Set of 25¬†liners/postcards/sheets
    • Set of 50¬†liners/postcards/sheets


    • Handmade Nature Product:¬†Due to¬†our products'¬†handmade nature you may find differences in texture and weight with some of the pieces. Most of the pieces in each set are very similar but there may be odd pieces where weight, texture, and color are not quite the same. This is the nature of handmade, and/or have small indentations which occur from the drying process.
    • Digital Printing:¬†Although these papers are printer-friendly, we do not guarantee¬†all printer types. Inkjet printers and commercial printers work well.