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Leather Art Journal- Rustic Brown
Leather Art Journal- Rustic Brown
Leather Art Journal- Rustic Brown
Leather Art Journal- Rustic Brown
Leather Art Journal- Rustic Brown
Leather Art Journal- Rustic Brown - Dpotli
Leather Art Journal- Rustic Brown - Dpotli
Leather Art Journal- Rustic Brown - Dpotli
Leather Art Journal- Rustic Brown - Dpotli
Leather Art Journal- Rustic Brown

Leather Art Journal- Rustic Brown

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Product Details:

Enhance your artistic journey with our best-selling, nearly A5-sized Handmade Leather Art Journal, now in Rustic Brown. Perfectly crafted for mediums like watercolors, gouache, and acrylic, this trusted art utility journal features a ruggedly elegant leather sleeve cover and secure elastic closure. Its minimal design captures the essence of functionality and style, making it a top choice for artists around the globe.

Products specification:

  • Size: 6 x 8 inches
  • Pages: 60 sheets (120 sides)
  • Paper: 250 gsm White Handmade Paper (100% Cotton Paper) 

Product Features:

  • Ideal for: Lights to Heavy Watercolors, Gouache, Brush Calligraphy, Thick Mediums
  • Elastic Closure to keep it intact when not in use
  • Handcrafted Wooden Pencil included

Paper Details:

  • 250 GSM Handmade Paper with natural texture.
  • Due to the nature of handmade paper, removing masking tape may result in some fiber shedding.
  • Regular erasing can be challenging; for better results, we recommend using a kneadable charcoal eraser.
  • Our handmade paper is an authentic, chemical-free product. As such, artistic outcomes may naturally vary, reflecting the paper's unique character.

"This versatile journal is also suitable for various art mediums such as calligraphy, pens, and markers, although some may require pre-processing. It's your comprehensive canvas for diverse artistic creations." 

      Pro-tip for masking tape use: First, adhere the tape to a flat surface like a table or artboard before applying it to the paper. This procedure reduces the tape's stickiness, preventing fiber pull-off upon removal."


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        • This is a Pure Leather product. We do not use Faux Leather/PU/Genuine Leather. Only Full Grain Leather (Best Quality in Leather) is used. The leather is procured from responsible sources and doesn't promote animal cruelty.
        • The actual product color may slightly differ from the image due to color properties.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 23 reviews Write a review

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 23 reviews
        Rohan Mehra
        Great for My Art Projects

        This journal has been great for my art projects. The paper is thick and handles my acrylics really well. I love the handmade feel of the leather cover, and the wooden pencil is a nice touch. It's become one of my favorites. 👍

        In love with handmade papers

        In love with how the watercolours get mix into each other while working on this art journal. The thickness of paper & it’s quality is so good. Best for loose watercolour paintings. It give paintings a nice texture which makes that artwork more beautiful. Can use ink pens & watercolour techniques, guache paints.

        A Great Buy.

        I tried multiple washes on the paper, and it performed very well...
        Overall a great product with quality delivered.
        Would definitely recommend.

        good quality watercolor sketchbook

        I've been looking for a good watercolor sketchbook that doesn't cost a ton for a while now and found this !
        Handles multiple washes on both sides and doesn't bleed through.
        There's no feathering on using ink pen too !
        Really good quality watercolor sketchbook
        The only downsides are that the elastic closure broke off after a few days and the handmade pencil does not fit in the clasp.
        Other than that everything else is really good !
        Thank you team Dpotli

        The best quality!

        I'm absolutely in love with the texture and the quality of the pages. There is no rough buckling of the paper while using watercolours. The binding is supreme and the leather cover is just beautiful!